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Are you going to review your health insurance contract?

Did you know ? Most of your insurance contracts, especially mutuals, include guarantees that are sometimes useless and of which you are not aware, but which you pay all the same. Here are some ways to sort out and reduce the bill with the decryption of an expert.

Insurance is one of the largest expense items for retirees according to a Silver Alliance study that we reported last April. A retirement home spends an average of 51 euros per month for home insurance and 136 euros for health insurance.

But for Abdellah Nasri, founder and director of Partner Assurances, a service for diagnosing and optimizing insurance contracts for retirees, the contracts you pay for include unnecessary clauses and guarantees that can strain your budget.

Guarantees linked to maternity in certain health contracts for seniors

“Nobody reads the general conditions today […] There are many seniors today who have useless guarantees in their health contract such as the birth bonus for example, or a bonus linked to maternity” underlines the 'expert. Guarantees put in place by insurance companies “by default” in contracts that are not reviewed regularly.

Guarantees included in the contracts but unknown to the insured

Conversely, “in insurance contracts, there are systematically assistance contracts which do not appear on the tables of guarantees but on the general conditions, these pages at the end of your contract that no one ever reads and which are written in very small. Let's take the example of a person coming out of hospitalization, he has a certain number of rights provided for in his assistance contract, such as a household help for example, or the delivery of medication”. So many paid services but from which the insured does not benefit because he is not aware of them, deplores Abdellah Nasri.

How to get a health insurance adapted to your needs?

In order to be sure to read between the lines of its contracts and to pay the right price for services adapted to its needs, it is necessary to review its various insurance contracts every year or every two years and to pay particular to its table of guarantees. “Needs are changing so it requires reviewing your insurance contracts,” says Abdellah Nasri, who also recommends taking a look at the competition, via internet research with the help of mutual insurance comparators in particular. "There are systematically new contracts that come onto the market" underlines our expert, and if it is possible to renegotiate your contract with your insurer, you have to keep in mind that in the field of insurance, loyalty is not always rewarded: “it's like telephone subscriptions, because you're a new customer, you'll be entitled to a preferential rate. When you have been a customer for several years, when you pay your premiums, the insurer has an interest in keeping you because you are paying for a certain number of services that you are not going to use and which represents the commercial margin for the insurer”.

If the review of your contract and the competition can be tedious, it is possible to get help from services such as those offered by Partner Assurances. “Insurance is an opaque field, with our teams, we are there to decipher it”. Free personalized advice that also takes care of the administrative procedures for contract changes.

Finally, remember that since January 1, 2021, it is possible to terminate your health insurance contract at any time of the year after the first year of membership “an additional window” for the insured, concludes Abdellah Nasri.